Thursday, December 23, 2010

Over a year!

I have not blogged in over a year! Not like I was a consistent blogger anyways- so whatever! I am looking back at the past 2 blogs; the only blogs, and realizing a couple of things. The two pictures that start the blogs are pictures I took in Rhode Island. I always loved how going to RI made me feel and those pictures calm me! It's quite funny that now I am living in those pictures, physically and mentally. Another thing I realized is that the first post was written about how I wanted to be, how I wanted to feel. Its funny because back then I was a mess and I was writing from my heart, trying hard to get to that point. Now I am there, almost there, in the direction to do so. The second one is about giving my clothes away, well I seem to have accumulated a whole new wardrobe, probably bigger than the one I gave away. I guess I just like having options. No, actually they are just clothes that fit, that I feel good in!
So moving to a different state has not been easy, there have been a lot of ups and downs. Some good, some bad, everything taken with a grain of salt! I have deepened my yoga practice tremendously and found a studio I love. My studio hosts Baron Baptiste's "40 days to personal revolution," its 40 days of yoga, meditation and a yogi diet. It starts on Jan 26th. I am so excited! It's probably the only reason I came back on here. I want to try to blog everyday. Yoga really helps me express myself. The biggest thing yoga has done for me is to enable me to be myself an live my life. Why not blog through the whole thing! Maybe I will touch someone! Get someone to do yoga who really needs it. I am also starting my pre- requisites for a massage therapy program. Something I have always wanted to do. Massage is such a great way of relaxing, personally I think yoga is better. Anyways, if I get these 2 classes out of the way, I can start the program in September of 2011. I would finish that following August. I hope to work in a wellness center and eventually open up one of my own!

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