Monday, August 17, 2009

give away

Today I decided to go through all of my stuff. Clean out my room/ closet. Give away all the clothes I don't wear. Clothes that don't fit that I always hoped I'd be skinny enough to fit back into. That is my problem... I look in that closet and get pissed because I see the size 0 and 1 jeans and xs/s tops. They probably wont ever fit again unless I decide to not eat. Letting go... living more simple. Maybe this will start a trend and I can do this with other things in my life... like get rid of the mental clutter!!
Becoming a minimalist... very hard when I grew up in a very cluttered house. I don't come from money and I always had to work to buy the things that I wanted. Not complaining at all. I learned how to be a good worker and how to use my money responsibly at 13. Today I don't really use my money all that responsibly, even though I try. I have the... If I want it I can buy it myself attitude. I don't need anyone to buy me anything when I can buy it myself. I spend money on stupid things in an effort to make myself feel good. Like mani/pedis or spending hundreds to get my hair done or a new dress or top just so I don't have to wear one I've worn before. It's all so stupid because after Its all said and done and paid for... I'd still feel like shit. I need to find ways to make myself feel better without material things/ retail therapy. So I kinda want to just live with what I need. My mom gives clothes to the appalachian people every couple of months. I will give her all the things I get rid of to give to them. They all can use the stuff that sits in my closet more than I can.

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