Monday, February 14, 2011

Fruits Galore!

I am starting my 3 day fruit fast tomorrow. I was going to wait til sunday but I feel now is a good time. I am also thinking about doing it for a 4th day, but we will see. I went shopping got some good fruits and veggies. Planned out tomorrow and am ready to go. I am nervous because I am very dependent on unnatural sugars. Well not dependent, but I eat a lot of sugar and crap with high sugar content. I have talked to the people who have already done it and they say its not bad. Once again, I chose to do this- no one is forcing me to do it. I can't wait to reap the benefits of this detox. Most people tell me that you don't crave sugar in the same way. You crave fruit and natural things- woooot! Doesn't help that I ate a lot of vday candy. After the Fruit fast/ Detox I plan to adopt a 6- meal a day eating plan that will help stabilize my blood sugar and keep me energized consistently throughout the day. yayyy! I am also taking a class called whole foods 101 and then another called grains and greens for busy people. Kind of excited about all of this. I am erasing every misconception I have had in the past about healthy eating and dieting. I am going to adopt a new lifestyle to better my body and mind.
Wish me well!!!

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