Friday, February 11, 2011


Lots of struggles are coming to the surface. One dilemma is the food. Always about the food. I love food, I'm a snacker, I have a strong appetite! When I am sad or mad even sometimes happy, I eat! Thats just how its always been. When I started dieting in my early teen years I had this vision in my head. I was going to have a perfect body and stay that way forever. Well- I cant think of anyone who has a perfect body. Who even can define the word perfect? I am reading an article in Yoga Journal that says, "A fundamental principal of yoga is that, deep inside, you are perfect just as you are." I guess if we all just accept ourselves as perfect in our hearts and souls then we can be truly happy because there is nothing to change. Isn't that the struggle with perfection? We are trying to change something constantly- we never get to that perfect place. Then we wind up all pissed and depressed. We compare ourselves to things that are very unreal. As humans why do we need to compare anything? God created us individually- and we are perfect in his eyes. Why does anything else matter? Why cant we think like God? Every struggle in life is given to us to make us stronger. Fate carries us like the wind. If we try to control things and not let them be, we create chaos. Life is a series of events, everything that has happened good or bad has lead us to the present. We wouldn't be where we are now if all those crazy things didn't happen in our lives.
I used to think that when bad things happened- they would never get better and never change. Instead of trying to find the good in things I let my negative mind get the best of me. Now when someone hits my car- all I can do is relax. It just happens- it happens fast and unexpected. But thats how things just are. Can I just accept that? Can I accept everything in my life as just
being a part of life? Absolutely ! What a concept!!!

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