Monday, February 7, 2011

What a Day!!

So I had one of those days where it rains, but the sun is out. That weird moment where the rain and the sun are in perfect unison. My day started out with burning my finger- frustrated and running out of time to get ready. I went to go warm up my car and slipped down the steps! UGHH I also dropped my keys and couldn't find them because it was 6am! Grabbed the spare set and headed to CT for my court date. Long story short the prosecutor dropped the case- it was pure bullshit from the beginning. After that I went to the mall bought lots of socks and bras- felt fabulous. Got some stuff done at home, laundry, dishes, phone calls, bills. Headed out to yoga with Jessie. about to settle into my seat when someone came into class and asked if anyone drove a Subaru. I was like - Oh god what did I do now?!!! Nope- I am innocent this time- someone hit my car! I was totally calm and chill about it. The other woman was upset, crying and totally pissed she missed her yoga class!!! If I wasn't in this program I probably would have been the one crying. I would have cried about my car, then I would have been pissed I missed my only chance to escape(yoga) and then got all anxious and mad about my crazy bipolar day!! But noooo no no! I was like whatever- really I could have done nothing. After everything was settled (at least for now) I went back in to practice with the rest of my yogi buds!! I missed every sun salutation- but thats ok- I had a little sunshine today, even if it was a little rainy- it counts!!!

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