Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The shift

Whenever someone talks about shifting, I always think of how I cant shift. We shift in out lives many times through out the years. Even from day to day. Shifting from sleeping to waking, working to playing, weekdays to weekends. We also have bigger shifts in lives like going to college then being thrown into the real world, being crazy single to being in a happy relationship. I always thought when I was a teen - how the hell would I ever be happy having a career, or living on my own or getting married or having kids. When you 16 life is bittersweet. I have learned since then that at every "shift" in life we find a new happiness, a new sense of peace and understanding. We grow, we learn, we fall and then get up.
In my yoga meeting tonight we talked about how we all have changed or shifted since we started practicing yoga. I use to get to angry, anxious and nuts/crazy about everything. Not only did I get into those feelings/emotions but I stayed there. Now I get those feelings- but I get out before its too late. Even in the past week I have learned so much about myself. Somethings are really hard to accept others are very easy.
I picked up this book I had been wanting to read, but also avoiding. Its called "Loving What Is" by Byron Katie. My old boss, Doc, had read it and had told us all to read it. It has been on my booklist for 6 years. The book is about something Byron Katie calls "The Work" its a series of 4 questions they help change your thinking. What I didnt know about the book was that Byron went through years of depression and anxiety and could not leave her house, she checked into a halfway house for women with eating disorders. They actually locked her in the attic to be away from everyone else, she was insane. She one day just snapped out of it, changed the way she thought. And from there came all these ideas she has written in her book. I am very excited to read it and start working it. So more to come on that.
Other than all of that. I had cancelled some things this week- a Doctors appointment, car estimate appointment, delayed phone calls, didnt answer emails and some phone calls and even skipped two days of yoga. All to make time for things like, reading a book, spending time with the girls from work, taking myself out, meditating, sleeping, writing etc.
In the next couple days to a week I will be doing things for me and only caring about me. I spent too much time ignoring myself and so now its time to treat myself with the respect I deserve.

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